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Dark Wizard Romance Otome Game Mod Apk Download


You stay in a global where magic has become a part of everyday lifestyles. You were dwelling a peaceful life together with your family. But at some point, your circle of relatives is stuck up in an attack by using the terrorist magician organisation, the Ravens of Dawn, leaving your mother and father lifeless. Lieutenant Liam, a growing big name inside the authorities, is on the case and guarantees to present you records as he looks into the case.

But later that night time, youre attacked by way of a hooded assailant. Just while you suppose all is lost, another man comes on your rescue. Hes observed via any other, however youve seen his face earlier than. Hes none apart from Merlin, the chief of the Ravens of Dawn. He easily deflects your tries to avenge your mother and father and appears at you as you ask him why your dad and mom needed to die. Quot;No, you couldnt be…Quot; He knows your call.

How ought to Merlin recognise who you’re? Who is this guy that killed your mother and father?

The past and gift collide as the truth approximately because the dark destiny of the magicians and your very own past becomes found out.

What destiny will you decide?



The leader of the terrorist company, quot;Ravens of Dawn.Quot; A charismatic alpha, he commands the business enterprise by means of himself. As a magician, he’s a real genius which could use just about any spell apart from the self-enhancing kind. However, his proper skills lies with hearth magic. He is called the quot;Crimson Despairquot; and his bangs cover a burn in addition to his magic eye. His eye lets in him free up a foribidden spell to solid magic right now.

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Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game Apk download

He cares for the people in his corporation to the factor that he’s willing to forgive people who have betrayed them. But he shows no mercy for those who hurt innocents. He is a former colleague of Liam. He sits on the other spectrum from Liam and wishes to convey peace from the aspect of evil.

Merlins proper hand guy and also his familiar. Hes wry and a likes to do matters his very own way. However, he could be very dependable toward Merlin and has sworn to be with him. All of this comes on the fee of his hobby in others. This lacadaisical mindset makes him appear tame, but in combat, he unlocks his berserker potential to get rid of all that oppose him. He has canine-like ears and is a part of a half-beast race that does not exist within the human realm. While he can only use self-enhancement magic, this will increase his already unbelieveable speed and strength which means that most will by no means understand what hit them. According to his races traditions, they choose one grasp to serve their lifestyles. Fay has selected Merlin as his grasp.


A rising big name within the Unified Constabulary, Liam is an shrewd and extraordinarily able officer. As a magician, he is on par with Merlin however excels in ice magic. Shade, his superior, calls him the quot;Embodiment of Justice,quot; however he isn’t a fan of this name and he needs his suboridinates not use that name. In his student days, he become called the quot;Knight of the Silver Crest,quot; some other name hes now not fond of. He hardly ever shall we his emotions show and prefers to get matters completed in a business-like way, but there’s a burning passion deep down inner him that drives him.
He believes in exchange from the facet of properly, not like Merlin who is the opposite of him.

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